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São Paulo – Destination Marketing Planning Case Study

São Paulo – Destination Marketing Planning Case Study

Por: Graziela Padoin – Greater Houston CVB / GainingEdge
May, 2015


“São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” Campaign


The city of Sao Paulo is the business capital in Brazil, attracts more than 12 million visitors every year, and hosts one event every six minutes. It offers well located and equipped convention centers, world-class hotels, excellent gastronomy, first-world infrastructure, culture and attractions for all budgets and tastes.

São Paulo Convention & Visitors Bureau (SPCVB) was founded in 1983 as a not-for-profit organization, financed by the private sector, to promote, attract and generate events in order to increase the flow of business visitors to São Paulo and to its 25 partner destinations nearby. With an annual budget around USD 2 million and approximately 20 employees, nowadays it stands at the 31 position in the global ICCA ranking, 3rd in Latin America and 2nd in Brazil. They currently have more than 750 stakeholders from 67 different business segments. It is considered among the Brazilian CVBs (and maybe also among the South American ones) a ‘model’ organization. The CVB focus on attracting associations congresses and recently it started to dedicate time and efforts to support the corporate meetings as well. SPCVB does not have a MICE brand, but has a strong presence in the segment. The bureau has also started recently a strategic partnership with Iguassu and Rio de Janeiro CVBs, the most common destinations for international travellers in the country, for cooperative promotion activities during trade shows and industry events.

A few years ago, SPCVB and industry leaders understood the lack of a strong destination brand and that creating a sense of a great city not only for businessmen, but a nice place to visit, to live, to meet friends and have fun, could benefit all tourism chain and also leverage the community’s self-esteem. With a limited budget, strong alliances and a brilliant strategy, the CVB started investing on marketing campaigns to advertise and promote the city of São Paulo. The marketing achievements of SPCVB have been recognized by prestigious awarding bodies, including ‘Best Marketing Award’ and ‘Top Marketing Award’ for its marketing strategy entitled “Integration and Mobilization”, based around the three integrated ‘C’ themes: ‘Capture, Empower and Communicate’ (in Portuguese the three words start with “C” – Captar, Capacitar e Comunicar), involving the whole production chain.

MICE - “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” Campaign
MICE – “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” Campaign


MICE – “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” Campaign
MICE – “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” Campaign

Then, in 2006, SPCVB launched the campaign “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” –which means ‘São Paulo is All Good’, or ‘São Paulo is all The Best’ or maybe ‘São Paulo Rocks’- using a Brazilian expression that means ‘the best’ or ‘all good’, with the participation of Brazilian celebrities like Regina Duarte, Ana Maria Braga, Luciano Huck, Luana Piovani, John Doria Jr. and Amaury Jr. (all very famous local actors, TV shows presenters and singers), where each artist presented one aspect of city: parties and social events, gastronomy, culture, business, night life and diversity. The artists didn’t charge for their work, the campaign was created and produced by an agency and conveyed in major newspapers and magazines in Brazil, radio stations, bumper stickers, stamps and badges. On its phase 2 in the following year, a TV commercial with more celebrities like Emerson Fittipaldi, Hebe Camargo, Angelica, Serginho Groisman and Gustavo Rosa (very well-known athletes, singers, actors and chefs) and won the Best Market 2006 award, competing against 160 finalists.

In 2008, on the campaign’s phase 3, the School of Samba “Mocidade Alegre” from São Paulo, inspired by the campaign’s ideas, paraded at Carnival with the samba “Welcome to São Paulo. You know why? Because São Paulo is All Good!”.

With 3,200 components showing the floats and costumes of cultural diversity, cuisine and hospitality of the metropolis – but, unfortunately, the school was not champion by only 0.25 points.

Today, the campaign “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” is responsible for the cultural content in visitesaopaulo.com/blog with thousands of hits daily, promoting sightseeing tips, gastronomy, theater, concerts and more, plus the social media (facebook, instagram and twitter), which together reach a total of more than 50,000 followers. In visitesaopaulo.com there is an ‘audiotour site’ where visitors can make their own script and get to know the main places in the heart of the city; or the virtual tour, where internet users can meet various sights of São Paulo on the same portal. This year, the campaign appears in the Brazil Guide 2015 Guia 4 Rodas, the most renowned tourist guide in the country, with a special edition for its 50 years. Soon, a virtual store will launch the “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” with items like mugs, luggage tags, key chains and umbrellas.

The results of this amazing campaign acts not only for the foreigner visitors, but also on the self-esteem of each inhabitant, for almost ten years now. The tourism organizations use the “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” logo on every new project, showcasing its best products according to each target market, and encourage interaction on the various websites and social media, acting with an holistic view on the various segments of tourism. It is a successful example of cooperation among industry associations, with the right coordination and strategic alliances. Through this destination marketing project, SPCVB has consolidated its distinguished and effective work as a destination leader, architect, seller and advocate.

MICE - “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” Campaign
MICE – “São Paulo é Tudo de Bom” Campaign


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